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Technical Specification
Model # Simba Junior
 Simba Junior Standard Version
 Pneumatic Drifter RMT 120F
 Hole Diameter 48 – 57 mm 1.88 – 2.24″
 Drill Rod Size R32
 Drill Rod Length 1.20 Mtr. 4 ft
 Drilling Length 25 Mtr. max. 82 ft
 Air consumption 400 cfm 189 l/s
 Drilling Rate 1 meter in 4 minutes
 Feed Beam Screw Feed Type RMT-46
 Rod Catcher Pneumatic Type RSP-10
 Ring Size 1500 mm 59″
 Dimension (L x W x H)                 1780 x 1550 x 2600 mm 70″ X 61″ X 102″
 Column Bar Height  Closed – 2200 mm, Open – 3700 mm Closed – 87″, Open – 146″
Simba Junior

RMT Simba Junior also known as Long hole drilling machine is the most versatile percussion drill machine for tunnelling, “drifting & long hole drilling” and cable bolting for roof supports. The equipment is capable of drilling up to 25 meters with hole dia of 57mm in underground metal mines with drill steel support working in 3 meter height.

We also offer Lateral movement version which has Lateral movement of feed beam by manual feed screw of 54 mm, to travel the feed beam in either direction up to 550 mm from centre, to give facility of doing upward hole at 3 positions without shifting the complete machine.

  • 360° rotation for convenient drilling at any angle
  • Automatic rod clamp for easy rod handling
  • Drifter directional control with reverse / forward
  • Feed motor with reverse / forward direction control
  • Water connection for hold flushing
  • Lateral movement for parallel drilling
  • Integrated oil lubricator and oil flow control.
  • Automatic rod clamp for easy rod handling.
  • Water connection for hole flushing